Worried about ANESTHESIA?

It can be anxiety-provoking leaving your pet in a veterinary hospital for anesthesia and surgery. Our doctors and staff recognize that you have trusted us with the care of your loved one, and we feel that enormous responsibility every single day. We always take anesthesia and surgery seriously.

When your pet is having a surgery or dental procedure at Fix Ur Pet, you will drop your pet off between 8am and 9am to stay with us for the day. Our doctor will do a complete pre-surgical exam first, then she will develop an anesthesia plan specifically for your pet.
The plan starts with a pre-anesthetic sedative to calm your pet and relieve anxiety. Once your pet feels calm and relaxed, our technicians place an intravenous catheter and begin IV fluids. An intravenous injection is then given to make your pet completely asleep and a breathing tube is placed in the airway. At this point, we will usually begin gas anesthesia to keep your pet asleep and pain-free during the surgery. Often we will use newer, safer injectable anesthetic agents such as alfaxalone for our older pets or pets with other medical conditions. Throughout the entire surgical procedure and into recovery, we measure heart rate, blood pressure, ECG, oxygenation and end tidal CO2. We are constantly adjusting anesthesia based on these parameters, so that your pet is safe for the entire procedure. During many longer or more painful procedures, our patients will receive a morphine or fentanyl continuous rate infusion (aka”drip”). We place a local anesthetic for up to 30 hours of post operative pain relief into every surgical incision. We finish off with a laser treatment to further speed healing and minimize inflammation. Then your pet goes off to recovery with Bair Hugger heat support, comfy blankets, oxygen by mask and continued IV fluids. Most pets feel so well after they wake up that they are interested in eating a small meal.

Can you tell that we are passionate about providing the highest quality care for all pets-AND improving their overall health in the process?

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